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Dive Into the New Age of The Accelerated Dealership

Our Services

The Largest Automotive Content Library

Flowbots specializes in creating various types of content, such as videos, television commercial scripts, radio segments, social media posts, and SEO-optimized pages, training guides, phone scripts, and text messages to help car dealerships attract new customers. We offer customized content for different platforms, including websites, Google My Business, Twitter, and Facebook. We also offer content for videos and radio in both English and Spanish To reach a wider audience. If you need another language not listed, we are happy to accommodate you as well. 

Content on Demand Services Designed For Success

Flowbots offers a feature called "on-demand content" that allows us to create custom materials tailored to the specific needs of our clients. This includes materials such as business emails, CRM email templates, phone scripts, text message templates that encourage replies, personal emails, letters, national sales event materials, processes, and professional resumes. We also provide assistance with creating hiring ads and job descriptions for employees. With this feature, clients will have access to a large variety of content. Successfully promoting their dealership and drawing in new customers. You name it and we'll create it. 

Hyper Targeted Video Advertising on Television

Flowbots offers a powerful tool for video advertising, focusing on advertising on Google's Network and television screens. This allows us to use Google's custom audiences to target customers in the market for a specific product or service. We also create custom audiences to target customers with bad credit, those looking to sell their vehicle, or searching for specific services such as Nissan Transmission or Toyota oil change near me. This way, when a customer searches for a competitor on Google, your content will be served on television and appear organically.

Holistic Approach To Dealership Operations

Flowbots believes in a comprehensive approach to dealership operations, understanding that advertising and content alone are not sufficient for success. We also provide resources and training guides to help dealerships improve their operations and reach their goals, including guidance on building the right team, processes, and training. Additionally, we offer a wealth of resources to help dealerships improve and achieve their goals.

We Integrate With You. 

Flowbots differs from other vendors in that we do not require access to a dealership's database, CRM login, or any other dealership OEM-related portals. This is to protect you and your customers' privacy and ensure that the information provided is tailored to the client's specific needs. If your dealership feels it is necessary to clone a specific audience to advertise to, Flowbots will guide them through the steps of building the audience and provide any necessary support. We prioritize and  accommodate our clients' specific wants and needs. 

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